String Theory

String theory which unites all of the four forces of nature such as gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces. Electromagnetism is the force that holds the magnet, for example, when the magnet is kept to a refrigerator while gravity is the force which is trying to pull it off towards the earth. The strong nuclear force is responsible for holding the magnet that is the central part of atoms together and while the weak nuclear force is involved in removing. In the attempt to this to tie all these four forces together a lot of new interesting ideas and new theories have been proposed. One of the most prompting theory of these new theories is string theory. According to this theory almost all the particles are actually tiny vibrating strings and  each type of these vibration corresponds to a different particles.

  • Relativistic quantum particles
  • Quantum open strings
  • Quantum closed strings
  • String thermodynamics
  • Non-linear electrodynamics
  • Blackhole instabilities and phase transitions
  • Electromagnetism and gravitation
  • Electromagnetism fields on D-branes
  • Relativistic strings
  • Non-relativistic strings

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