Quantum Optics

Quantum optics is the study of the individual quanta of light and they are called as photons. Photons interact with atoms as well as molecules. This also includes studying the particle like properties of photons and these photons have been used to test many of the intuitive predictions of quantum mechanics such as the resource is very useful for quantum information processing, entanglement and teleportation. In case of quantum optics the electromagnetic radiation is viewed as travelling in the form of both particle and wave and as well as phenomena which is generally called as wave particle duality. The most common explanation for this is that it works how photons move in a stream of particles and also the overall behavior of those particles which are determined by a quantum wave function.

  • Quantum electronics
  • Optics
  • Nonclassical light
  • Quantization of the electromagnetic field
  • Valleytronics
  • Spinplasmonics

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