Neutrino Physics

The study of neutrinos is called neutrino physics and the subatomic particles which are also called as neutrinos which are the most elusive in the particle physics. Many Scientists have built detectors underwater, underground and at the south pole to measure these neutrino particles which come from the sun and also from many other celestial objects or celestial bodies. Without leaving any trace, neutrinos fill the whole universe almost about 10 million per cubic foot and most of them zip straight through the earth and also through particle detectors. In addition to this many physicists on earth use powerful accelerators to produce neutrino beams containing billions of neutrinos and its tiny fraction can be measured by detectors placed in the beam line.

  • Atmospheric neutrinos
  • Solar neutrinos
  • Reactor neutrinos
  • Accelerator neutrinos
  • Geo neutrinos
  • Models of neutrino masses and mixing
  • Non-standard neutrino properties

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